Undefeated - Round One (0.1)

Round One is out now.

(Think like 'Chapter 1', but fighty.)

Welcome to the FANG fighting league. I truly hope you enjoy the characters and setting I've come up with.

In future devlogs, I'll have more information on the update and any fixes I make. Since this is the first, though, I'd rather let you experience the start of the story without any expectations.

Obviously introductions are hard to write, but I've had to get a lot of worldbuilding in to establish some ground rules about the world. If you have a question, odds are it will be answered in the next Round or two.

If you have any questions, feedback, or experience any bugs, please DM me at @Undefeated_VN. I'll try to release a devlog with more information after the first build has been out for a while.

Thank you all for the support thus far, and I look forward to telling this story.


Windows Build 87 MB
Jun 09, 2022
Linux Build 78 MB
Jun 09, 2022
Mac Build 70 MB
Jun 09, 2022

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