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If you played Round 2, select 'Continue' on the main menu, and it should take you straight to Round 3.

FANG is the most popular fighting league in the world, where only the best of the best can survive. Featured in a private underground arena, the combatants eat, sleep, and live for the fight. Every week, fans from around the globe tune in to watch fists fly and blood shed.

Zander, a promising young fighter, is the newest addition to the FANG ranks. But when he finds himself in an impossible situation, Zander's will is pushed to its limits. Buried deep beneath the surface with no escape, can he find a life worth living? Or will he break under the pressure?

Undefeated follows the story of a man fighting for his life.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(105 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Fighting, Sports
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Furry, Gay, Romance, Violent
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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Seeing that mc kind of has a deadname made me feel so much more connected to him. I sure hope everything works out alright for Zander.

Am I crazy for getting some dystopian megacorp vibes..?

Anyhow, good read, can't wait for more

I love the game can't wait too see the next build owo

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Oh god LMAO the last thing I could have ever expected for background music was Rock Thing by Creo, that's such a good choice haha.

What happen to the android build?

Gone reduced to atoms

But yea where did it go?

ah shit i've been found out

I uploaded the new builds last night but kept them hidden until their announcement this morning. Accidentally wiped over the old Android build, but I figured nobody would notice, haha. Good eye! ; w;

Waaait a minute, I'm confused.
So there was round one, and round two starts, then it just... ends?

I use 'Round' like someone would use 'Chapter'. Round 1 is Chapter 1, Round 2 is Chapter 2, etc. Chapter 2 ends right before the next fight with Bruce begins.

Ahhh, gotcha
Thanks for clarifying!

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I got pulled in right from the start! It certainly was a novel experience being thrown straight into the action. The characters all have a bit of their own charm to them as well. I look forward to what future updates bring! I'm calling it rn though:

Bruce was totally the one carrying him back to his room (that whole scene was hilarious btw). The floor do be pretty comfie sometimes.

How many love interests are there in this game?

The story is a single path, with only one optional love interest planned.

Who's it gonna be?

Right away there is lack of proper intro/reason he is there, a "Round 0" is missing.  What species is Zander? Aw no sprite for wolf? Hyena Cute! SALMON! Is Zander a Deer??? Should be leading with that information, he may look like one, but CONFIRM it! ^^; Wait... How did he get from Bedroom to Cafe???  I just want to cuddle with that Cat!  Bruce certainly seems like an asshole, but I get the feeling its in part an act, for he seems like he is restraining himself rom going too far.  And did Bruce do what I think he did for Zander?  Wonder if anyfuzzy else caught that!?  Only time will tell if I am right.

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In complete agreement to this. There is a lot of lack of information or getting to know the character and it is just.... causing me to not play it, or torture myself to the end. But the feeling of not wanting to go on is there and that's not something one wants in a game (Unless the game is literally about that, then sure). There needs to be a change on how introducing or getting to know the character is there. The pacing feels really slow and I feel I learned nothing about anyone other than the same

information you said. Characters are asshole. Hyena cute! Oh wait Hyena asshole too. Zander is asshole too. Everyone here is an ass.

Deleted 68 days ago

If by murder you mean small on top, that seems like the path laid out.

Is this your 1st novel??

If it does I want to ask questions, might as well as pointers too!

Pleas? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜

I wanted to make my own so I kinda wanted to know how'd you do it here on ren'py or post it on itch.io

Way to go Leo! You're doing such an amazing job so far!

The story is really intriguing and your writing truly manages to make you identify with the protagonist. Especially at the end of Round 2, I swear I was feeling nervous too!

Can't wait for Round 3 to come out!

Rio de Janeiro, September 25th 2022

The Drayden 's face remind of my cat.

He not more here but it is nice to see art the remind me of good times with him.

Later with time I may try this story.

But meow...

I notice a strange quantity of negative "votes" in all comments bellow, even in comment that should not even have positive or negative points.

Look like someone do not like you and or is trying to troll your game in negative way (I am not sure the word use to say it.). I sent a comment about it for Itch support. I feel like if to it happen that way someone probably using many accounts to do it.

Hope everything going fine with you and your game there.



Thank you for the comment, Pandrine! He certainly does look like Drayden, that's amazing! I hope they were wonderful memories <3 I hope you enjoy the story! 

Will this VN have any NSFW content?

Undefeated will not feature any NSFW content.

Thanks for the clarification 

Deleted 164 days ago

Who are the love interests of the game?

This game would be absolutely amazing even if there wasn't any romance involved
though it is too early to say who it might be, the time will show. We have got to be patient ;)

didn't expect the writing of this, I feel intrigued by this and never expected this would be added to my top list of fvn rapidly. soooo good and damn im excited where this gonna be next round


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Xou're very good at capturing emotion, I became pretty immersed and was sad to see it end so soon! U_U the 2econd update really solidifies not just xour writing style, but the MC's personality. Keep up the great work! n_n/

Thank you so much!!

Hi, I really liked your novel. I'm a translator from Russia, and I'm participating in ExGames project, we translate short stories for Russian mortals, and I'd really like to translate your short story into Russian, will it be possible to do?
It's not commercial, I'm not interested in money, if anything I'm ready to give the Russian translation to you when the novel is finished

i neeed moore.

Very soon. :)

when is the Next Update 

I am loving this so far I hope to see more!

Thank you!!

Already waiting for more

Ahhh!! I love a visual novel when it includes themes of suspense, trauma, etc. I hope Zander gets out of this hellhole someday. I'll wait patiently for updates :) 

Thank you.

Loving the concept, can't wait to see where the story goes ^^

Will there be romance and romance routes? The plot so far looks interesting. Also will this VN have NSFW or sex in the future? If I may ask, that is...

Undefeated will not feature sexual content. There will be romance, but no alternate routes.

At least we'll have romance, how many dateable characters will there be?

So it will be the same story, no matter if u take on romance or not (and no matter whith whom)?

Correct, there will be a romance option available, but it will not change the sole outcome of the story.

This is great! n_n good story premise, nice cast of characters, and it's well written :3 when fighting is described in other VN's, people normally mess it up by make it too confusing to follow, but xou did a great job describing the scene! :P excited to see where this goes~ UwU

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Zander and Redline can be in a boyfriends relationship in future updates?

Don't worry, i respect your decisions with your story/Vn.

I just curious.

Super good looking characters, can't wait to see where this story leads n.n

No sexual content and still sounds interesting, this might be a real treat for us, but I'll have to play on my pc to figure it out, until then

Will there be NSFW? For those who are wandering... not for me XD blep

While there is no sexual content, the graphic violence and strong language may not be considered SFW.

Deleted 205 days ago

While there is no sexual content, the graphic violence and strong language may not be considered SFW.

The characters are so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ƒโœจ

Thank you!! The artists did an amazing job ๐Ÿ’–

I can see ๐Ÿ™‚โœจ

I think i know this artist from twitter, and yeah great sprites!

Thank you! Hunter did a fantastic job ๐Ÿ’–