Undefeated - Round Three (0.3.0)

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If you played Chapter 2, you can jump to the new chapter with the Continue button on the main menu.

Hello all!

Firstly, I want to thank you for being so patient waiting for this update. At 22k words, this is easily the longest update I've had (and honestly, might be the longest I will have?), so the writing had taken a lot longer than I was expected. With the surgery right in the middle of it all, it's put a bit of a delay on its release, so I'm even more excited to finally get this out. This round was the hardest for me to write for a number of reasons, surgery recovery aside. There are a few scenes that were emotionally taxing for me to work through, but I think that makes them more important overall.

On top of that, I've also implemented a CG gallery. Since this is a new addition, the old CGs may not be unlocked. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks to horrorbuns for the assistance, and to Ex4i for writing this gallery guide. I'm hoping to implement a Round select in the near future so people can jump straight to the next round without needing to rely on auto saves, so I appreciate your patience in that regard.

Huge thanks to Martini Dog for the new title music, Dokoats for the new CGs, and Hunter with the new sprites! These guys are fantastic and deserve plenty of love.

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any issues, please reach out to me on Twitter.




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I feel bad for Ryan, because from the looks of things it looks like he might be in a similar boat as Zander. Except that he embraced that toxicity.


Damn that was good fight!  I can tell he didn't mean what happened and had been careless, but that was to be expected.  Got to love that HIGHyena energy! To feel so lost is horrible, but to not heed the concern of others is what causes self destructive behavior... the same that Bruce would have... when one is at top or has only one path they cannot deviate from, it takes its toll because you stand to lose the most.  However, the key is to not isolate yourself into that singular mindset, you have others around to help aid you from baring the burden alone.  I hate the gall of people who try to force things onto others, and then go ballistic because they aren't getting their way.  Now that is not a name I expect for a losezard.  While its probably not going to happen, would be interested in a sprite(s) or CG to show off how this Rat and Lizard look.  Heck could even post a simple picture of them and add a link on VN main page or even in the VN itself.  ISSUE the conversation with the Rat got skipped!!!  Hrm... is that Brok you are referring to there? X3  Good to know that of there are no hybrids, its either or, though that does make it harder to tell they are siblings! XD ... Wait WHAT!?!  Though I did expect something like this eventually...


I love Redline, can't help it.


Damn I got chills and felt excitement then cliffhanger came :'). Can't wait for the next update!


...So y'all just gonna leave us hanging off this cliff then?


Happy you're back!